KL Gangster 2

KL Gangster 2 (2013)


Two brothers, Malek and Jai, are indirectly thrust headlong into the world of gangsters and crime when their father died 10 years ago. Since their father's death, Malek, Jai and their mother have been threatened by gangsters whom their father owes money to. Desperate, the wild Jai turns to crime, and will do anything as long as it pays well. Jai's behaviour sees vehement opposition from Malek and their mother, which breaks up their family. To make things worse, Malek finds out that his sister Shera has been raped and their mother has cancer.


Full Cast:

Adi Putra , Sofi Jikan , Rosyam Nor

Full Cast:

, , Adi Putra , , Sofi Jikan , Rosyam Nor ,

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