Jan Dara

Jan Dara (2012)


The year is 1915, and one stormy night in the Pijitwanich Residence in Bangkok, a mother dies while giving birth to her son. The boy is Jan Dara, and his father, Wisnan Decha, believes that the child is the reason for the death of his dear wife. The name Jan is given to the boy, a short form Jan Rai - or The Scum. Jan grows up in a small house in the garden of the Wisnan House under the care of his Aunt Wad and his best friend is Ken, the son of a house servant. Aunt Wad soon becomes Wisnan's new wife and they have a daughter, Kaew. Kaew is the apple of Wisnan's eyes and he taught Kaew to share his hatred for Jan. However, Wisnan House holds a dark and disturbing secret: it is a playground of sexual excess. Wisnan is a man obsessed with carnal pleasure and fornication. He would perform various sexual acts with all the females in the house and the children - Jan, Ken and Kaew - who grow up in the giddy atmosphere of erotic indulgence, soon begin to seek their own pleasure...


ML Bhandevanop Devakul

Full Cast:

, Chayapol Julian Pupar , Sakarach , Rirkthamrong

Full Cast:

, Chayapol Julian Pupar , Sakarach , Rirkthamrong

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