From Me To You

From Me To You (2011)


Well-meaning but socially awkward, Sawako Kuronuma (Mikako Tabe) is nicknamed 'Sadako' by her classmates because of her similar hair cut with the main character from the horror movie "Ringu". Her life then takes a turn when classmate Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura), the most popular boy in school, falls for her. Unlike her, he is outgoing and popular with all the students. He is even polite with Sawako, which makes Sawako respect and even admire him. However, a cute girl named Ume Kurumizawa (Mirei Kiritani), who has been friends with Kazehaya since middle school, appears in front of Sawako and confesses her feelings for Kazahaya, asking for her help.


Naoto Kumazawa

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